CMR manual coiling line

Ref.: 43-1-1421

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·       For coiling insulated conductors up to 6 mm2 (rigid conductor)

·       Linear speed: 250 m/min max.


Complete machine composed of following items:

·       Motorized cantilever type pay-off for bobbins 1000 mm

·       Coiling machine (with integrated 450 mm pulling capstan), composed of one rotating disk with three coiling heads (conductor passage from full coiling head to empty one : manually, by the operator).

·       One coil dia. 450 mm, width: 120 mm

·       One coil dia. 250 mm, width: 200 mm

·       One coil dia. 250 mm, width: 200 mm


Machine already dismantled and perfectly stored. In good condition.

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