Complete insulation line for automotive wires with NIEHOFF NPS spooler

Ref.: 30-2-1596

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·       For insulation with PVC or PE

·       Maximum linear speed: 1000 m/min

·       With NIEHOFF NPS spooler, type SV400-D (for conical bobbins)


Complete line composed of following items:

·       630 mm double cone type motorized pay-off

·       Wire braking system, with electromagnetic brake

·       KUKAMA preheater

·       ANDOUART 75 mm main horizontal extruder with plasticolor 3200 + 2200 dosing devices

·       SIEBE 30 mm horizontal additional extruder

·       Cross extrusion head with quick purging facility

·       4 meters straight cooling trough with one meter telescopic part + hot water part + 5 meters straight part + ROSENDAHL multipass part with 10 + 10 pulleys and integrated capstan + drying device

·       ZUMBACH ODEX inductor

·       ZUMBACH ODEX 10 eccentricity measuring device

·       SIKORA diameter gauge (type laser 2010 xy)

·       SIKORA spark tester (type 2030)

·       ZUMBACH KW32 TRIO lump and neckdown detector

·       NIEHOFF SV400-D double automatic spooler for conical bobbins

·       Electrical cabinet with SIEMENS drives and SIEMENS PLC + control desk


Machine still installed and in production. In very good condition.

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