CABALLE 900 mm buncher for production of steel strands

Ref.: 13-1-1222

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·       For bobbins 900 mm (overall width: 600 mm)

·       Working direction : to right

·       Manufacturing year : 1992. Excellent condition !


Complete line composed of following items :

·        Pay-off frame for 18 bobbins dia. 630 mm

·       Bobbins taken on shafts.

·       Mechanical friction brake adjustable through pneumatic cylinder.

·        Formation die holder

·        pretwister

·        900 mm double twist buncher, type CDTA 900

·       Drive : by DC motor (for driving the bow, capstan through change gears, bobbin)

·       With double wheel capstan

·       Lay-length change: by change gears

·       Traversing: driven by own motor

·       With platform for loading(unloading the bobbin


Machine still installed but no more in production. In wonderful condition.

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